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John Wood, Rural Dean of Purbeck

"Lord Jesus Christ, you taught us that we must become like children in order to enter God’s kingdom, and you took children in your arms to bless them; guide us as we work to bring your special blessing to the young people in our communities in Purbeck; through your Spirit, give us wisdom to know how to do this; give us strength to undertake the task; give us compassion and a caring heart to reach out with your love, that your kingdom may grow and all rejoice in your blessing; for your glory’s sake. Amen"

Monday, 4 November 2013


Thoughts about Remembrance for school, Messy church, Sunday groups or church

Cut out 4 large red petal shapes from card and a black circle for the centre hold or pin up the shapes to show that they make a poppy

Cut out individual letters P-O-P-P-Y

Place P-O-P-Y at the centre of each petal and replace the centre black spot with the O

P for Praise: we offer praise to God who loves us and cares for us, even in difficult times.

O for Offering: we are thankful for those soldiers who bravely offered their lives, fighting in wars to try and make others safe.

P for Prayer: we pray for the safety of those still serving in wars, we pray for those who have lost friends and loved ones, and we pray for those who have been injured.

P for Peace: Remembrance Day does not celebrate or glorify war, but remembers it and the importance of us continuing to pray for peace.

Y for You:  You can make the choice to bring peace to your own life and the life of those around you. You can pray for God’s peace to guide and comfort you. We all play a part in keeping the memory of war, of bravery and suffering. We also need to remember to play a part in caring for those who are bereaved or injured. Our lives, and our actions may also hold the key to a more peaceful future. We, together are offering praise and prayer to God and hoping for peace

Submitted by Barbara Meardon

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  1. From Rhona Floate, Parish of Wool & East Stoke

    Thank you for this one. I used it to structure the prayers at Wool CE VA Primary Schools Remembrance service in church this week. The service includes input from representatives of the local Branch of the Royal British Legion and poems written by the children.

    After the service, the Year 6 children go into the churchyard to help the Legion members to place wooden crosses on all the graves of those who have served in the Armed Forces. The Legion have a plan that the children use to locate the graves. It's a great way to strengthen links between school and community.

    Some of the children will read their poems during our main Service of Remembrance on Remembrance Sunday as well.